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My Summer outfit by RockingFantasy My Summer outfit :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 12 97 Rehtaeh Theme by RockingFantasy Rehtaeh Theme :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 10 24 Rehtaeh (Dark me) by RockingFantasy Rehtaeh (Dark me) :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 14 83
Mesh'la Bio

Name: Mesh'la Nau'ur (Nysia)
Birthday: June, 12
Hair color: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Weapons: Blasters, sheild generator, and flame thower
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Caring, Adventerous, Dependable, Honest, Strong willed
Backstory: Mesh'la has always worked her hardest hoping one day to join the great hunt even if it was against her fathers wishes. At at young age Mesh'la's  always dreamed of becoing the champion always going on hunts, and random adventures with her friends. Not wanting his daughter to suffer the samer fate as his wife he moved from Dxon to a farm on dantooine for a clean slate. This did not stop her. She still had a dedication to follow the the footsteps of her mother, and rise Clan Nau'ar from the shadows to be accepted despite not being full mandalorian, or rainsed on their tradions.  She studied speaking mando'a, and practicing sparing with her friend Alice (Kari). 
Eventually when Alice joined the jedi. That'
:iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 4 367
Super me by RockingFantasy Super me :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 14 955 My Blade by RockingFantasy My Blade :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 7 469 Normal  Lumini :  Fuchsia by RockingFantasy Normal Lumini : Fuchsia :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 7 425 Cyber theme by RockingFantasy Cyber theme :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 10 180 Cyber Form by RockingFantasy Cyber Form :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 17 864 Blueberry by RockingFantasy Blueberry :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 8 838
Zoey, and tyler meet
One day they met as the pirate tried to steal from the treasury. Zoey watched him from afar At first she was tempted to attack them, but instead she decided to reason with him telling him they were artifacts that can make him lose body parts. But this only amused him since he thought this would only give him a story to tell his crew mates 
She smiled as she said you're more daring then most people I met.
Pirate: And people you know run at the first sight of danger
sorceress: No..we leave it up to the experts
Pirate: you don't..take risks
Sorceress: I try but whenever I only makes things worse...or so my sisters say
Pirate: Worse for them or you
Sorceress: Well everyone..these artifacts are a force to be reckon with...if in the wrong hands they could be dangerous..
Pirates: I agree..after all these artifacts..are evil
Sorceress: Evil? as in causing  death and destruction
Pirate: Exactly..looks like the wizard isn't as good, and just as you thought
:iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 2 468
Zoey, and Tyler Bio
Months ago :iconAloreea: asked me to create a new character for her series.
I happily agreed to create two characters for her since she's been a really supportive friend.
Here they are:
Age: 23
Personality: With her adventurous, attitude she inspires others through her kindness. Her inspiration she provides hope even in the most dangerous of missions (a trait she developed while on missions with Tyler). This makes her a natural leader. Others may find her unusual at times since she is different from everyone else. But with the help of Tyler she embraces this this, and takes it as a compliment since this makes her unique. She also enjoys to strive to be the best she can be. Also if a mission doesn't go according to plan she's usually the first to come up with a back up plan
Back story: After her parents death in the great magical war.  A mysterious wizard adopted her, and her sisters. Eventually her and her sisters became loyal apprentices to the wizard, who was usin
:iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 3 253
Describe me by RockingFantasy Describe me :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 0 1,156
I am
I am kind, and brave
I wonder about the future (Anything could happen it's scary to think about)
I hear the sound of the inner flame burning within me.
I see an endless field of ice lava roses 
There's nothing to pretend since, everyday is an adventure.
I feel a rush of eternal happiness
I touch the petals as they blow in the air.
I worry that the darkness will take over
I cry thinking about the thought of everyone leaving me behind.
I understand things will soon change
I say to enjoy every adventure no matter how dangerous
I dream about flying into the stars.
I try to always be brave.
I hope the adventures will never end.
I am a kind,and brave hero
:iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 9 108
My new awesome icon by RockingFantasy My new awesome icon :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 8 179 Watching the Binary Moon by RockingFantasy Watching the Binary Moon :iconrockingfantasy:RockingFantasy 7 159


1Hr Doodle/Study - Landscape 02 - Lake (24062017) by rymae 1Hr Doodle/Study - Landscape 02 - Lake (24062017) :iconrymae:rymae 4 1 Untitled by xsharkgirl1424 Untitled :iconxsharkgirl1424:xsharkgirl1424 3 0 Desert by MysticFalls13 Desert :iconmysticfalls13:MysticFalls13 3 0 Simple Flower by TheCleverPotato Simple Flower :iconthecleverpotato:TheCleverPotato 1 0 Crouching Kitty by SaltyBanana Crouching Kitty :iconsaltybanana:SaltyBanana 7 1 [commission] kiela by PuffedLittler112 [commission] kiela :iconpuffedlittler112:PuffedLittler112 6 2 Something Just Odd {Commissiom} by OsloBondevik Something Just Odd {Commissiom} :iconoslobondevik:OsloBondevik 15 6 Shiny Bayleef gijinka by Brachitto Shiny Bayleef gijinka :iconbrachitto:Brachitto 12 1 ( G ) Kittie by Asuna-Hisake ( G ) Kittie :iconasuna-hisake:Asuna-Hisake 11 7 ( G ) Nana ! by Asuna-Hisake ( G ) Nana ! :iconasuna-hisake:Asuna-Hisake 9 1 ( G ) Sonakii ! by Asuna-Hisake ( G ) Sonakii ! :iconasuna-hisake:Asuna-Hisake 3 5 Koneko Toujo by Wolltki Koneko Toujo :iconwolltki:Wolltki 2 0 OC #2: unnamed by senpai129 OC #2: unnamed :iconsenpai129:senpai129 3 0 Art trade by KawaitaUmi Art trade :iconkawaitaumi:KawaitaUmi 3 0 menma by KawaitaUmi menma :iconkawaitaumi:KawaitaUmi 5 0 --- by KawaitaUmi --- :iconkawaitaumi:KawaitaUmi 8 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Heather. A lot of people tell me I'm very nice which is a trait I'm proud of. When I first created this account I used to post screenshots, and stories about my OCs. Now I still post that content plus I draw too since my confidence in my drawing ability has grown. Mostly they are random ideas that come to me. I look forward to creating more , and improving in the future.

Random facts

- I am left handed
- My favorite color is magenta
- I'm a starwars fan
- My favorite snack is strawberries
- I enjoy stargazing
- My favorite season is spring (Mostly because of seeing the flowers in bloom)
- My zodiac sign is Pisces



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